Zlin 526 aerobatics at Tannkosh: welcome Paul Erhardt!

Dear Tannkosh crews and visitors,

we are happy to announce that Mr. Paul Erhardt will join the Tannkosh flying display with his Zlin 526!

He flies beautiful aerobatics "just like in the sixties", as he says himself,
his models were Neil Williams (loops and turns was it?) and Laidislav Bezak, who won the aerobatic world championship
on his Zlin 526.

The Zlin 526 ASM you will see at Tannkosh was one of 4 aircraft built for the world championships 1968 in Magdeburg for the czech national aerobatics team. Due to the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the warsaw pact countries the aircraft did not fly in the contest.

Paul is very much at home in his aircraft and flies a beautiful aerobatic display.

Look forward to his show!

Welcome back to Tannkosh, Paul!


Team Tannkosh

Partners of Tannkosh