Weltumrunder Helmuth Lehner: welcome to Tannkosh!

Dear Tannkosh-Crews and visitors,

may we announce the participation of Helmuth Lehner at Tannkosh:
Helmuth has accomplished a flight around the world last year, in his Dynamic microlight, named: Spirit of Africa.
The trip around the world took place from May to August 2012, and he's safely returned to his homebase.

Helmuth will be joining Tannkosh 2013 as a special guest, and has agreed to participate in our "workshops program", to give you - first hand -  an impression of his experiences during his flight around the world. It will be a fascinating account of his exciting journey, the preparations necessary, of many experiences and lessons learned during his ambitious adventure.

Taking advantage of the publicity on this trip, he supports children in need, 
and this is his heartfelt goal,  so we are of course happy support him in this endeavour.
And on top of that, we consider it extremely courageous, and, as in the past, we gladly agree to give the pilots who take such risks and take such trips, a chance to communicate their experiences, as few of us have the chance to plan or undertake a trip like that. So, join us and hear the story of a once in a lifetime journey.

Welcome to Tannkosh, Helmuth!


The Earthrounder-Plane:

WT 9 Dynamic, Callsign: OE-7104
Name of plane: Spirit of Africa
Cruising Speed: 130 kts / 250 km/h
Empty weight: 372 kg
Max. take-off-weight: 750 kg
Fuel on bord: 350 liters / 92.5 Gal
Endurance: 19,5 hours

Instruments on bord:

  • VOR
  • Mode-S Transponder
  • COM
  • HF
  • Stormscope
  • ELT
  • EFIS
  • Constant Speed Prop
  • Retractable Gear
  • Flymap L GPS with special made vector-charts worldwide
  • Garmin 795 with worldwide database
  • Garmin 296
  • iPad 2 with Jepp FD-App with worldwide approach-charts
  • Liferaft
  • Little John’s Toilet
  • TruTrak 2 axis Auto-Pilot
  • TL-Fuel-Flow-Computer
  • Power Flam Anti Colision Warning
  • Tracking-System Spot
  • Personal ELT

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