TOTAL: Long Range Trophy Tannkosh 2013

Dear Tannkosh - Crews,

as every year, we will be happy to hand over the TANNKOSH long-range-trophy 2013 to the crew flying the longest distance to Tannkosh.

The trophy will be handed over during our "hangar rock" party saturday evening!

The long range trophy will be accompanied by:
a magnum bottle of champagne
AND a voucher for 100 liters AVGAS!(compliments of TOTAL Aviation Fuel!)

Please register after landing, to give us a chance to determine the winner of the long distance trophy! Stop by our Red Bull Welcome Tent - our charming ladies will welcome you there:-)


AND: dear pilots, we will know if you really flew in from Canada or South America, so - nice try:-) if you would please give us the actual distance travelled:-)

The winner will be announced  on SATURDAY appr. 18:00 local time, by our speaker tower, may we ask the winner to PLEASE come to the stage (UP on the stage) in time (around 22:00) so we can hand over your trophy to you!

TOTAL Germany: thanks for your support!

Have a safe trip to Tannkosh, we're looking forward to having you with us!
Blue skies and tailwinds

Your Team Tannkosh

Partners of Tannkosh