The Flying Bones: Parachute Team in Formation at Tannkosh!

Dear Tannkosh - crews and visitors:

we are very happy to announce the Flying Bones again for the Tannkosh flying display.

The Team will perform a parachute formation drop with Frank Carreras, who will "jump in" with the flag of the Mayday foundation. The three parachutists will jump out of our three Piper Supercubs, the BL-Formation, who will fly their beautiful
display after the chutes are safely on the ground. Thanks to our Bravo-Lima-formation for the lift!
And incidentally, we are all having a lot of fun practising already:-)

Tannheim is homebase for the Flying Bones. As you know, there's a saying among pilots: there is no reason to jump out of a pefectly good airplane...but you know, it's really quite a kick:-)

The team consists of military parachutists who also jump out of airplanes in their free time just for fun...and the three cute ladies
behind the team will also be present during Tannkosh:-) Tanja (the lady in charge) and her two little girls Emely and Lea-Loise are proud members of the team, it's a family business so to speak, and they've grown to be a part of our family here in Tannheim.

Welcome back to Tannkosh Flying Bones!


Partners of Tannkosh