Dear Tannkosh-Crews and Visitors,

thanks for being a part of Tannkosh 2013!!!
We hope that you all had a safe trip home.

This year, unfortunately, the news from Tannkosh don't just include great parties, an amazing amount of traffic and an exciting airshow - because of the incident that happened on saturday which - thank God - has turned out to be not as grave as feared at first and as reported in some media. We are very grateful for that.
Of course the shock will linger for a long time, for all of us - and we would like to say a big thank you to the Mayday Foundation for their support. Also, we would like to ask all pilots or visitors who may experience after-effects to get in touch with us please. Should you wish to seek counseling, we will be glad to assist you, and entrust you to the specialists of the Mayday Foundation.

The incident during Tannkosh has not, as reported by certain media, led to any kind of chaos on the field. Quite the opposite: the rescue measures were executed in a coordinated and orderly manner. The first members of the alarm crew reached the site 30 seconds after the incident, and the rescue forces  immediately followed. Once again a big thank you to all first aiders, we have experienced an amazing readiness to help from all sides.

All government agents on the scene have confirmed that the organisation conformed to the requirements, and that rescue operations were conducted expeditiously.

It goes without saying that we will incorporate all impressions and experiences into future planning. Over the past 20 years, we have been continuously striving after optimizing our procedures.

Many pilots flew in on wednesday already, and come thursday we already had over 500 aircraft on the flightline. Additionally, many visitors have joined us a day ahead of time to enjoy the happy mood and to wonder at the airplanes arriving from near and far. 
On friday then we crossed the "magic number" of 1.000 aircraft on the flightline - and the Team Tannkosh switched to "Saturday-Mode" - amazed and happy.

On friday afternoon, our fantastic display pilots went into action:
thanks for a great show!!!

The weather (didn't we know it...) caused some added stress: many pilots had to change their plans and leave a day early, due to forecast thunderstorms and hail for Saturday evening, and a bad weather forecast for their return trip on sunday. This forced us to cancel most of the airshow program on Saturday.
Thanks for your patience and understanding: we have never before experienced such long lines of aircraft waiting for departure, and it was extreme for the pilots as well as for our Tannkosh-ATC.

To all crews who had the option to fly home on monday and could therefore afford the luxury to sit it out on sunday: thanks for staying with us!!!
We could have done without the hail warning and Woodstock-weather in between... but we were lucky nevertheless, the worst of the fronts all passed us by (as always:-)...

So on saturday evening the weather cleared beautifully for the long awaited "Looping battle", as well as some aerobatic Displays.

A big thank you also to our exhibitors and workshop-speakers, who ensured a colourful and interesting program and offered a choice of products and information for everyone.

And of course: we'd like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to our fantastic TEAM TANNKOSH, who has been in high gear for a week, and has held their positions in spite of all weather and almost around the clock.

To all pilots, crews and visitors: THANKS FOR BEING WITH US!!!!

Here some numbers for you: we were happy to welcome 1.398 aircraft and 2.056 movements, as well as approximately 15.000 visitors on the airfield during Tannkosh 2013.

Dear pilots: thank you for your discipline and vigilance, and your patience if you were asked to enter a holding pattern or if you were in the loooooong line for departure on saturday. And thanks for your emails, it's important for our team to know that we have your support.

To the spirit of Tannkosh: a great party BY pilots FOR pilots!

Warm greetings and THANKS to you all!!!

Your Team Tannkosh



Partners of Tannkosh