Tannkosh ATIS 125,800

Dear Tannkosh-pilots,

we will offer ATIS service again for Tannkosh 2013,
to supply you with the basic information needed (wind, QNH,  runway in use, runway conditions if necessary, any special conditions that may exist).
Compliments of Becker Avionics, who have also supported us
by supplying the ATIS in the last years - thanks!
And we'd also like to thank our DFS office that distributes the ATIS frequencies
for making it possible to offer this service to our Tannkosh pilots again. Not easy to set up reserved frequencies these days, we greatly appreciate the cooperation!

ATIS Frequency for Tannkosh 2013: 125,800 (NEW Frequency!)

procedure: see www.tannkosh.com

please have a look at "important infos for pilots" - we urgently ask all pilots to check our homepage for possible changes - and to have a look at the procedures - before flying to Tannkosh!

Please make sure to check the ATIS before your approach into Tannkosh, you need to be on the Tannheim frequency at least 15-20 NM out, to be aware of traffic in the area and holding procedures.

Thank you!!!


Team Tannkosh


Partners of Tannkosh