Susanne and Urs Vogelsang: die VOTECS will join Tannkosh!

We are happy to welcome Susanne and her brother Urs Vogelsang with their Votecs back to Tannkosh!

Susanne und Urs will proceed from Tannkosh directly to France to join the next Aerobatic championships - thanks for planning TANNKOSH into your schedule!

Quite an unusual family and a very good team, they will demonstrate their aircraft during the Tannkosh Flying Display 2013. 
Urs and Susanne Vogelsang run a well known family business in Europe, who have made a very good name for themselves for years, and with knowledge passed from father to son and daughter - building hangars (and very fancy ones at that) for a living and truly devoted to aviation - have a look at the aircraft they have constructed. They have been joining competitions and airshows for years. Urs and Susanne will be presenting the Votecs at Tannkosh  - glad to have you with us!

Votec 351: an uncompromising aerobatic airplane with the brute force of a specially tuned Lycoming AEIO 580 engine, amazing roll,  snap and tumble characteristics and a very high g-load, as have all MSW-aircraft. The maiden flight took place in September 2006, the aircraft has since been flown by unlimited pilots in many competitions and airshows.

Votec SBS:   the Votec side by side is an aerobatic training aircraft (nose wheel). This newest development of MWS will have its maiden flight in April. The new carbon fiber fuselage has passed all g-tests with flying colours. Engines to be used vary from 250 hp (for aerobatics training) to 350 hp (as you wish) or even turbines up to 450 hp.
The prototype that will be presented at Tannkosh will be equipped with a 250 hp engine, a second Votec SBS will be operated with a 350 hp enginge. Characteristic for all MWS aircraft is: easy to handle, and clearly structured maintenance.
The nose wheel version has also been constructed with non tailwheel experienced pilots in mind.

Urs Vogelsang and Susanne Vogelsang are continuous participants in unlimited class aerobatic championships and international airshows.


Welcome back to Tannkosh!  

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