Rainer Wilke and the Bo 105 - Flying Bulls: a legend returns!

Dear Tannkosh Crews and Visitors,

may we proudly announce a flying legend to join the Tannkosh Flying Display 2013: Rainer Wilke - one of the best helicopter pilots in the world - will be a star of the Tannkosh Flying Display again!

Many thanks to the Flying Bulls from Salzburg, once again, for giving us the opportunity to announce this very fascinating and special display again as one of the highlights of the Tannkosh Flying Display!

Anyone who has seen Rainer Wilke's Display before will seize all other activities in time:-) those of you who'll see his display with the Bo 105 for the first time will still be standing there in awe, after he's completed his display, thinking: how on earth can these maneuvers be performed in a helicopter???
(and believe us, we felt the same:-)

Welcome back to Tannkosh, Rainer Wilke! It's a great honour for us to have you with us again.

More Information about the Bo 105 here.

And THANKS Flying Bulls!!!!

Team Tannkosh




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