Piper Cub Formation joins Tannkosh again!

Dear Tannkosh Crews and visitors,

we are very happy to welcome, again, the successors of the legendary German "Burda Formation Team" to Tannkosh 2013!

For all vintage airplane fans, look forward to the beautiful formation display of the three Piper Cubs!
The balloon hunt following the formation flying is one of their special features, and you can see how much fun they are having with us:-)

The core of the team are Christian and Hanko Streifeneder, who are true Cub-pilots with a whole-hearted love for flying,
and they are also very accomplished restaurers of airplanes (vintage and gliders) paint and fabric as well as carbon fibre - specialists for the job!

This year we may look forward to a new show with music: "BL-Formation": swing it Gents!

And again, the BL-Formation will be dropping the "Flying Bones" skydivers as well as the "Mayday-Foundation" skydiver
overhead Tannheim.

Welcome back Gentlemen!



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