Morane Saulnier MS 317: welcome home Walter!


Morane Saulnier MS 317

The Morane-Saulnier MS.315 is a primary training monoplane designed and built in France by Morane-Saulnier.
It flew in the french armee de l'air since appr. 1932. There were 346 aircraft built.

D-EZOR (D-reg. since last year) was built in 1938, as Nr. 279. It was originally fitted with a Salmson-Engine and redesigned during 1963 by CADAF and fitted with a Conti W-670A with 220 hp.
The aircraft has logbooks dating back to 1954, at this time the aircraft was based in the south of France.
There are 8 - 10 of these aircraft stationed around the world in various conditions, 5 of them in flying condition.
One Morane MS 317 is based in Switzerland, 3 of them in France.

From France the aircraft was sold to an american pilot in 1984, based in Germany for a while, afterwards for a short time in Florida. Then the aircraft returned to Europe as it was bought by the former owner Flying Legends in Kortrijk/Belgium, who has restored and overhauled it and repainted in the original colors.

The Morane is now owned by Walter Klocker. He is an austrian pilot, based in Germay, and also flies a C 182 ("Longrange"...) He' s the proud owner of the MS 317 since Oktober 2008.

Welcome back to Tannkosh, Walter!

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