"Looping Battle" at Tannkosh 2013

Dear Tannkosh-Crews and Visitors,


may we very enthusiastically announce a WORLD PREMIERE at Tannkosh 2013!


Helicopter vs. Edge 540 aerobatic airplane:


„The Looping Battle“


The bet:

who can perform more loops in 3 minutes?

The Flying Bulls Helicopter Bo 105 (flown by the well known "chopper" Pilot Rainer Wilke, who is also one of the few helicopter aerobatics instructors) - or the aerobatic airplane Edge 540 (flown by Airrace and Aerobatics Pilot Matthias Dolderer)?

The performance will be watched over by a Jury, who will determine the winner after 3 minutes.


The task:

start the first loop out of horizontal flight, countdown starts - the last Loop should end in appr. the same altitude as the first one. When time's up and the last loop has been initiated, this last loop will count as well.


The Bo 105 and the Edge 540 will be flying in the display box overhead Tannheim airfield, and each gets his separate display time.


Bets will be taken:-)


The two pilots are very good friends and colleagues - the idea has been borne  during their time spent together at Airshows around the world with the Flying Bulls fleet - AND NOW it's time to meet the challenge, they have decided...
and we are very proud to host this very special "battle"!


The "battle" will of course be a friendly one, and safety is highest priority. Still, it will be very exciting to be a witness to this competition.


The battle starts on saturday, 24.08.2013, around 16:00 local time.

GOOD LUCK to both of you!






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