German Army/Airforce: welcome back CH 53!

Dear Tannkosh -Crews and Visitors,

we may also welcome back, under a new call sign (changing from German Army to German Airforce): the huge helicopter CH 53!

ETA Ch 53 in EDMT: (planned arrival time at Tannkosh: thursday, August 22nd, around  14:00 local time). Planned Departure:  Monday, 26.08.2013,  09:00 local time.

The Crew of the CH 53 will be welcomed by all of us, and we are thrilled to welcome the CH 53, who has also been an integral part of the Tannkosh Static Display for many years, to Tannkosh again!!!

The really cool pictures of Tannkosh 2011 speak for themselves...
we would like to thank the HSG 64 Laupheim (Lima) for their continued support! The Crew of the CH 53 will also welcome visitors into their cockpit, and a heartfelt thank you to them as well, it's an honour to have you with us again for Tannkosh!

The Tannheim flight school has been sharing common grounds for emergency procedures with "Lima" and the CH 53 crews - and Lima Radar enables us to practice GCA approaches with our students, which we also greatly appreciate.

The "ground crew" from Laupheim consists of soldiers who are on duty during Tannkosh 24 hours a day, guarding the military aircraft on the field - and their support makes it possible to have such a large military static display during Tannkosh at all! THANKS for your support!!! and:

Welcome to Tannkosh!


Team Tannkosh



Partners of Tannkosh