Welcome Back Georg!

Experienced Tannkosh-visitors will surely rememberer the wedding proposal during Tannkosh 2007 - delivered from aboard the cockpit of a Stearman...with  two rings of smoke in the sky...to a very happy couple, and a very enthusiastic crowd of pilots:-)

Georg Raab, who made this "heavenly connection" possible, will visit Tannkosh 2013 again with his Stearman, and will also take part in the Tannkosh flying display. The "yellow peril" (as the Stearman is lovingly called amongst insiders) has been a part of our flying display for many years, and it is always a great pleasure and a thrill to see Georg's smooth and elegant performance with his "baby". Apart from that, what's more nostalgic than the beautiful sound of a radial engine:-)

We're happy to have you with us again, Georg! 
Welcome back to Tannkosh! 



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