Jeppesen-Fotobox at Tannkosh

Dear Tannkosh-Crews und Visitors,

Jeppesen will bring their Fotobox to Tannkosh,

and according to the Slogan: Enjoy Your Passion!
each pilot and of course the whole flight crew is welcome to stop by to get a Souvenir Picture printed:-)


Location: right across from our Welcome Tent.

The pictures are really neat, we hope you'll take advantage of this offer, and we're sure you'll have fun at your "foto-session".

Of course the Pictures will have a Tannkosh-Background:-)




Jeppesen NEWS:

Let's go flying!

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR makes planning to fly faster and easier. Once you're in the air, it gives you the Information you need, now also including weather and NOTAMs, all on your iPad.



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