Fairchild PT 19 Flying Bulls: a welcome guest at Tannkosh!

Dear Tannkosh-Crews and Visitors,

the Flying Bulls are planning a "family excursion" to Tannkosh 2013, as you can see:-) We are very happy to be able to announce yet another treasure from "Hangar 7 " in Salzburg: the beautifully restored Fairchild PT 19 will also come to Tannkosh, for the first time, and will, of course, have a special place in our "hotzone" during Tannkosh. You will be able to admire it first hand, and our commentators will keep you up to date concerning the history of this aircraft.

The Flying Bulls Team have literally spent thousands of hours on this aircraft alone, as all of you vintage aircraft fans will appreciate, plus many more on the other treasures to be admired in "hangar 7" in Salzburg - and, at Tannkosh 2013, thanks to the Flying Bulls Family - at Tannkosh.


More information about the Fairchild PT 19


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