DWD: official weather briefings - special service for Tannkosh pilots!

Dear Tannkosh pilots,

thanks to the support of the DWD (german weather services) - and thanks to our weatherman Hans Löffler who has been supporting us for many years - we are able to offer you official and highly qualified weather briefings during Tannkosh 2013.

You'll find the MET-Service across from the Red Bull welcome tent (MET/AIS sign will be posted).

Hans Löffler (all seasoned Tannkosh pilots will remember him) is a real weather specialist with many years of experience, he has accompanied the german airforce for years, here in Germany as well as during many tours of duty all over the world, he works for the DWD as an examiner for new weather briefers and, we are proud to say, has been teaching our students here in Tannheim the principles of meteorology.

Also, he has so far often managed to "redirect" adverse weather during Tannkosh to spare the airfield:-) and in the last years has given valuable advice to us and all pilots concerning the weather development during the Tannkosh weekend.

We have asked for sunshine and a high pressure area all over Europe:-)
And we're very much looking forward to your visit and to a great Tannkosh weekend!

Your Team Tannkosh

Partners of Tannkosh