Do 24 ATT: welcome to Tannkosh!!!

Dear Tannkosh Crews and Visitors,

may we hereby proudly announce another highlight of the TANNKOSH Flying Display 2013: the DO 24 ATT has announced it's visit!

Iren Dornier, a true adventurer of the air...who, as an heir of the name "DORNIER", representing a family of well known pioneers of aviation -  is making sure that this proud name carries on and is remembered by the present and future generation of aviators - has promised to present his Dornier Do 24 ATT at Tannkosh 2013. He has flown around the world in this aircraft, with his trusted Team, and the CREW of the Do 24 ATT for Tannkosh will be determined in time.

Captain/Testpilot: Conny Cornelius (or Iren Dornier, if he will be in Germany during Tannkosh)

Co: Enrico Hohner

Flight Engineer: Andreas Wansing, Christian Doerk

Aircraft: Do24ATT

Callsign:  D-CIDO - and it flies (again under the german flag) since 18.11.2011 


Welcome to Tannkosh, Gentlemen!!



Wingspan: 30 m.
Length: 21.95 m.
Height: 5.65 m. from keel/6.68 m. overall
Width: 8 m. including stubs
Wing Area: 100 sq.m.
Aspect Ratio: 9.0
Landing gear track: 6.9 m.
Wheel base: 6.9 m.
Max. Load: 6.55 m.
Weight: 54 kg/sq.m
MTOW: Maximum 12000 kg from water/Maximum 14000 kg from land
Maximum 12000 kg from water/Maximum 14000 kg
ENGINE: Three Pratt & Whitney PT6A-45B's

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