DFS: Special Sercvice for Tannkosh Pilots!

Dear Tannkosh Pilots and Crews,

we are very happy to announce that the DFS (the german flight service agency) will again set up a special workstation especially for Tannkosh pilots, to ensure a free phone line to close flight plans, and for filing flight plans during Tannkosh.

This has proven to be very effective in the past, and we would like to ask all pilots who fly to Tannkosh with a flight plan to adhere to the following procedures:

Special phone number DFS to close/open flightplans and to file flightplans during Tannkosh (thursday to sunday, august 22 - 25, 2013):

+49 (0)69 7807 2641 (Thursday to Sunday, August 22 - 25)
Arrivals during the week before Tannkosh up to and including wednesday august 21st, AND to file flightplans by phone generally,
please use the regular phone number: 069 7807 2500

Urgent request to all pilots who will arrive at Tannkosh with a flight plan:
please close your flight plan ASAP after landing by phone, using the above telephone numbers, our team on the tower will not be able to close your flightplans for you since they don't know who will arrive with a flightplan and apart from that they will be quite busy enough most of the time:-)

We would like to thank you all for your cooperation during Tannkosh 2011 - and yet we still had a number of calls from Search and Rescue, desperately looking for missing aircraft who had long since landed and forgotten to close their flight plans, which puts a lot of stress on our flight line and tower team.
Please understand that our "Tannkosh ATC" does their very best to register each arriving aircraft, but their main priority is to  look out and assist you during your approach and landing, and with a high traffic load of sometimes 3 aircraft landing per minute they are bound to miss a call sign sometimes. So PLEASE, arriving pilots: add some time to your ETA for a holding if you plan to arrive during the airshow display times, and also if you find, during your trip, that your ETA will be postponed due to weather or headwind: call FIS to transmit your new expected arrival time, please do so BEFORE arriving in the vicinity of Tannheim as you should be on our frequency to keep up with traffic information.

We will supply (free of charge) 2 laptops for you to file flightplans for your flight back home, come visit the MET / AIS tent directly across from the Red Bull Welcome Tent. There you will have the services of our official weather briefing, courtesy of the german met sercices and our very own and extremely experienced MET specialist Hans Löffler who can give you weather information for your flight back home after Tannkosh (and also for the Tannkosh weekend, when we will depend on him to give us good weather, and ample warning should we -against all hopes - face adverse weather), and we have our team there to assist you in filing your flightplan back home.
The DFS asks you, when filing your flightplans, to use the german DFS-AIS online system for filing your flightplans (this online platform will be preset and the password already entered for you,you can choose the english language to fill it out) - this will help them to process your flightplans in a timely manner, since there will be long delays getting your flightplans into the german system if you should use an online flightplan system based in another country.

We also ask you to file your flight plans for your flight back home early, if possible a day ahead at Tannkosh, or even ahead of time from your home base.

The laptops will be at your disposal from 09:00 until 20:00 each day during Tannkosh.
If you should delay your departure from Tannkosh - PLEASE call the DFS (number above) to postpone your estimated time of departure - anyone who has, in the past, departed Tannkosh during the "rush hour" on sunday will know that it is impossible for our crew on the tower to open flight plans during that time, and it puts a tremendous amount of stress on us if the DFS is obliged to call us during those times enquiring about aircraft who should have departed at certain times - so please do call the DFS and postpone your departure time if you take off later than expected. We would very much appreciate you help in this matter.

OPENING Flight Plans (departure Tannkosh):
once again, during the rush hours, we will NOT be able to open your flight plan for you, all pilots are responsible to do so themselves on the FIS frequency (126,950) when airborne - but please wait until you have left the immediate area since you should be aware of possible traffic in the vicinity of Tannheim.
We will be happy to open your flightplans for you if you depart during low traffic times, if you will let us know that you have filed a flight plan.

Thanks to our DFS for the fantastic cooperation and support, and the special service for Tannkosh Pilots!

We wish you a safe trip to Tannheim, and of course a safe journey back home, and we are very much looking forward to welcome you all to Tannkosh 2013!

Blue skies and tailwinds

Your Team Tannkosh

Partners of Tannkosh