Super Constellation: special guest at Tannkosh!

Dear Tannkosh-Crews,

one of the highlights during Tannkosh 2013 will certainly be the flying display of the beautiful Breitling Super Constellation from Switzerland! The Super Connie is expected on saturday, August 24th. The Flight Crew will bring their passengers to Memmingen and then will return for a flying display overhead Tannkosh.

We are very excited and proud to announce this special visit!
After the Super Constellation came to visit us inspite of the "woodstock-weather" during Tannkosh 2011 we are very happy that the "Queen of the Atlantic" will return this year - and this time hopefully to blue skies and sunshine:-)

To all pilots approaching on saturday:

upon receiving the ETA of the Super Connie we will clear the airspace in time for the flying display, please expect appr. 10 min holding time. We will update the ETA closer to Tannkosh.

To the crew of the Super Constellation: we are really excited about your visit! The red shirts you'll see jumping up and down will be our Team Tannkosh waving to you!

To all pilots flying in: you'll have a chance to meet the crew of the Super Connie on Saturday, they will return to Tannheim after parking the airplane in Memmingen!

Operator of the Breitling Super Constellation is the SFCA: (Super Constellation Flyers Association), her Homebase is the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. 

The Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation has become a very rare sight in the european skies,
enjoy with us a close look at "la Reine de l'Atlantique"!

The SCFA brings us this unique opportunity to admire this elegant aircraft in flight and to adjust your heartbeats to the sound of her four Wright-Cyclone R-3350 engines.

“Dream no small dream; it lacks magic. Dream large. Then make the dream real.“

Welcome to Tannkosh!!!


Partners of Tannkosh