PILOTS please check: Arrival Times TANNKOSH 2013

Dear Tannkosh Pilots and Crews,


please note the possible earliest and latest arrival and departure times!!!!!

In the morning: EDMT airfield opens at 08:00 am local time.

In the evening: THURSDAY latest landing possible at Sunset + 30 = 20:45 local time.

FRIDAY and SATURDAY: PLEASE plan your landing BEFORE 20:00 local time!!!
Please understand that no landings will be possible after 8 pm! All aircraft arriving later will be asked to divert to Memmingen (EDJA).

May we aks you to please plan accordingly, so we can present our beautiful "sunset flying display" to you - goose bumps guaranteed - preferably with all of you already seated along the flightline, with a sundowner in your Hand, to enjoy the show:-)





Partners of Tannkosh